Although I haven’t updated this site for a while, it is important to know that Sanctuaries is very much in my heart, mind and plans. 

Not a day goes by without my discussing this project with someone, nudging it forwards.

For those not up to speed, the Sanctuaries project is my plan to create a trust, and build an eco spiritual community, where you can retire and live in sanctuary. A place of safe haven, where you can receive care, love, and Buddhist spiritual teachings.

A place for those too old or infirm to continue to live at home, for those who need help and support to continue their practice.

A place where you can be alone in your own modular home, yet part of a bigger community, with shared spiritual and social spaces.

As time passes and the idea grows, I will share sketches, thoughts, ideas and plans here, and offer the opportunity to participate, and to contribute.

A place for my future, and yours…